NTI offers recommendations for advancing the global nuclear security agenda after the Nuclear Security Summit process ends–by building an effective global nuclear security system, improving individual state stewardship of nuclear materials, and sustaining high-level political attention on the issue.

Build a global nuclear security system for lasting security

Although states have begun to think more globally about their nuclear security responsibilities, there is still no effective global system in place for securing all weapons-usable nuclear materials. NTI offers key recommendations to address the current gaps in the system.

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Improve Individual State Stewardship of Nuclear Materials

All states can and should do more to improve their stewardship of the world’s deadliest materials. From reducing or eliminating materials to strengthening physical security measures to supporting international institutions and initiatives, all states have a shared responsibility to prevent weapons-usable nuclear materials from falling into the wrong hands.

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Sustain High-Level Political Attention on Nuclear Security

If the summits end without a mechanism to enable continued progress and to ensure implementation of existing commitments, nuclear security efforts risk backsliding. Defining a path to sustain momentum and high-level attention on nuclear security must be a priority for the 2016 summit.

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