Country Actions: February 2021 Update

NTI Index Country Action Tracker

Updated February 22, 2021

Countries Are Taking Action to Strengthen the Global Architecture and Eliminate Nuclear Materials

This webpage lists actions countries have taken since March 31, 2020, when data gathering for the 2020 NTI Nuclear Security Index (NTI Index) closed.

Since March 31, 2020, countries have taken steps to strengthen the global nuclear security architecture, increase transparency, and reduce quantities of weapons-usable nuclear materials. Countries have taken the following actions (newly updated actions in bold):

  • Reduced quantities weapons-usable nuclear materials
  • Ratified key nuclear security treaties
  • Participated in International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) activities
  • Updated declarations of civilian nuclear material stocks
  • Subscribed to nuclear security Information Circulars (INFCIRCs)
  • Submitted information about laws and regulations to the IAEA under Article 14 of the amended Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material (CPPNM)

These actions demonstrate that countries continue to make progress to strengthen their own nuclear security, enhance transparency, and support the global nuclear security architecture.

How to Use the Tracker

The table includes actions related to a subset of the subindicators in the NTI Index that can be obtained without the need for in-depth country research.

The table identifies the relevant subindicator number and name, the country (with link to Index country page), the action taken and date of action, and the source (with link, where available).

The tracking spreadsheet that allows the user to sort and filter information is available for download here. Users can submit actions for inclusion in the next update to Samantha Neakrase at [email protected].

Updates as of February 22, 2021

Index SubindicatorCountryAction/DateSource
Quantities of materials
No update
Material production/ elimination trends
CanadaWorked with the United States to repatriate 161kg of HEU from Chalk River Laboratories to the United States (announced January 25, 2021)Canadian Nuclear Laboratories
KazakhstanRemoved remaining 2.9kg of HEU from the IGR research reactor in Kurchatov for downblending into LEU; committed to convert HEU-fueled research reactor at Kazakhstan’s National Nuclear Center in 2021 (announced September 22, 2020)U.S. Department of Energy
3.1.1 Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material (CPPNM)AngolaRatified September 21, 2020IAEA
EritreaRatified March 13, 2020IAEA
3.1.2 CPPNM AmendmentAngolaRatified September 21, 2020IAEA
EritreaRatified March 13, 2020IAEA
3.1.3 International Convention for the Suppression of Acts of Nuclear Terrorism (ICSANT)
St. Kitts and Nevis*Ratified August 13, 2020UN
Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism (GICNT)
No update
Global Partnership Against the Spread of Weapons and Materials of Mass Destruction
No update
IAEA Nuclear Security Fund Contributions
No update
Centers of Excellence
No update
IAEA Incident and Trafficking Database (ITDB)
RwandaJoined the ITDB on October 4, 2020IAEA
Nuclear Security Guidance Committee (NSGC)
No update
Public declarations/ reports about civilian nuclear materials
BelgiumSubmitted INFCIRC/549 declaration on May 18, 2020IAEA
FranceSubmitted INFCIRC/549 declaration on August 28, 2020IAEA
GermanySubmitted INFCIRC/549 declaration on August 28, 2020IAEA
JapanSubmitted INFCIRC/549 declaration on September 4, 2020IAEA
RussiaSubmitted INFCIRC/549 declaration on November 24, 2020IAEA
SwitzerlandSubmitted INFCIRC/549 declaration on August 20, 2020IAEA
United KingdomSubmitted INFCIRC/549 declaration on November 24, 2020IAEA
Peer review (INSServ, ISSAS)
No update
3.3.7 International Physical Protection Advisory Service (IPPAS) missionNo update
3.4.1 Information Circular (INFCIRC) 869No update
Other nuclear security INFCIRCs (899, 901, 904, 905, 908, 909, 912, 917, and 918)
SloveniaSubscribed to INFCIRC/908 on October 7, 2020IAEA
National Framework for CPPNM Amendment (Article 14)
AlgeriaSubmitted Article 14 information, October 16, 2020IAEA
ArmeniaSubmitted Article 14 information September 8, 2020IAEA
AustriaSubmitted Article 14 information, January 5, 2021+IAEA
GuatemalaSubmitted Article 14 information, August 24, 2020++IAEA
JordanSubmitted Article 14 information, October 13, 2020IAEA
LuxembourgSubmitted Article 14 information, August 13, 2020IAEA
MadagascarSubmitted Article 14 information, August 12, 2020IAEA
RussiaSubmitted Article 14 information, September 1, 2020+IAEA
Saudi ArabiaSubmitted Article 14 information, July 25, 2020IAEA
SwedenSubmitted Article 14 information, May 11, 2020IAEA
SyriaSubmitted Article 14 information, August 26, 2020IAEA
TogoSubmitted Article 14 information, December 8, 2020++IAEA
UruguaySubmitted Article 14 information, July 15, 2020IAEA
*Country not included in the NTI Index.
+Updated Article 14 submission. Country already receives credit in the NTI Index for having previously submitted Article 14 information.
++Action taken under the original CPPNM will not receive credit in the NTI Index. The NTI Index gives credit only for actions taken under the Amended CPPNM.

Photo credit: Argonne National Laboratories/Flickr