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Improvement Scenarios for Venezuela

Use the scenarios below to see how your country or area can improve its NTI Index score by taking specific actions. Within each scenario, the actions the country or area is already taking are indicated by check marks. A scenario with a check mark means the country or area is taking all necessary actions to achieve a full score. When countries and areas take the actions listed without check marks, they will increase their overall score by the amount shown.

Ratify Treaties to Bolster the Global Architecture

Increase your score by taking actions to close gaps in the global nuclear security architecture by ratifying the following key nuclear security treaties:

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Support Global Norms through Voluntary Actions

Increase your score by supporting, contributing to, or participating in at least six of the following global nuclear security initiatives to help bolster the global nuclear security architecture. Six or more of these actions will result in a full score for this indicator.

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Subscribe to Nuclear Security INFCIRCs

Increase your score by subscribing to nuclear security INFCIRCs, which demonstrates commitment to nuclear security and helps to raise nuclear standards globally:

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