NTI Index for Educators

How to use the NTI Index as an educational tool or data set for quantitative research.

The NTI Index is a unique and valuable tool for open-source analysis and education. Trusted datasets that allow students to dissect complex topics and analyze them using an open-source toolkit help move nuclear policy education forward.
Dr. Jeffrey Lewis, Director of the East Asia Nonproliferation Program at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey


The NTI Index is internationally recognized as the premier resource and tool for evaluating global nuclear and radiological security across 175 countries and Taiwan. In an uncertain world, the Index provides a centralized accounting of the complex global nuclear security architecture in an effort to drive continued progress, highlight evolutions in best practices and priorities, and illuminate emerging risks and challenges.

For students and researchers of nuclear security, the NTI Index is a valuable resource for the classroom, a data source for quantitative and qualitative analysis, and a trusted citation in written work.

Rigorous Approach

The NTI Index is backed by a robust and time-tested methodology, maintained by Economist Impact (EI) and NTI.

EI conducts the research for the Index using publicly available information, including primary legal texts and legal reports; government and academic publications and reports; websites of government authorities, international organizations, and non-governmental organizations; interviews with experts; and local and international news media reports.

After researching and gathering data, NTI and EI provide the opportunity for the 49 countries and areas with weapons-usable nuclear materials, nuclear facilities, or both to review and comment on the preliminary results as part of the data confirmation process. Twenty-six of these 49 countries and areas participated in the data confirmation process for the 2023 Index. By consulting governments during the process, the Nuclear Security Index can report accurate and current information in a transparent way.

In addition to consulting governments, NTI and EI also convene a panel of highly respected nuclear security experts with a broad range of expertise from countries around the world. The panel’s input helps ensure that the Index reflects an international point of view and ongoing international discussions about nuclear security priorities.

To learn more about how the NTI Index is developed, how scores are calculated, and the rigorous research process behind this unique tool, read the full methodology.

The Nuclear Security Index is a very versatile educational tool that can be used to teach basic statistics, regression analysis, data visualization, and other quantitative methodologies, as well as illustrate how complex nuclear policy issues can be quantified and compared across countries facing different conditions and priorities.
Dr. Nancy Gallagher, Director at the Center for International and Security Studies at Maryland and Research Professor in the University of Maryland's School of Public Policy

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